Intoduction to Beansprout Cultivation

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Bean sprouting or the cultivation of beansprout is among the fastest and easiest form of plant cultivation while at the same time, offer us with highly nutritious food. Although bean sprouting has been practiced since 5,000 years ago, the simple basic concept of seed germination still apply today today with significant improvement in production efficiency to meet economy demand.

As we are becoming more dependent on others to produce our own food, the cost of obtaining food resource at higher cost is inevitable even for a simple bean sprout. Let us take a proactive approach by improving our knowledge in bean sprouting.

Our guides will cover general bean sprouting practices and setting up a production unit without the use of additive chemical, hormone or pesticide. Bean used for the purpose of this publication is mung bean or Vigna Radiata. The method of growing this bean sprout can be considered as organic. Certification of organic bean sprout however is subject to standard enforced in your respective country.

This document is divided into 2 major articles. A general step-by-step guides on cultivating bean sprout is covered in Section I: Bean Sprouting. Technical guidelines to setup and installing your bean sprout production unit is covered in Section II: Growing Unit Setup and Installation. The rest of additional information will be covered in separate articles.

General Remarks about Beans Sprouting

There are numerous and continuous debates on the toxicity and benefits of phytic acid which present on bean bran. Regardless the issues, as for rules of thumb, beans should be soaked 3-12 hours before placed into growing chamber.

You should also pick thoroughly and discard any broken, moldy, discolored or disfigured seeds. In particular, try to remove black, dark brown or green color moldy seeds. In commercial venture, this step is usually redundant.

Poor hygienic practices in the production of sprouts have raised multiple issues on food safety. The best and well documented guide on food safety for bean sprout is Code of Practice for the Hygienic Production of Sprouted Seeds which is available from Canadian Food Inspection Agency website.

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