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Piper Nigrum L. or pepper is an important agriculture commodity once considered as black gold since ancient time, had been the cause of numerous wars and bring prosperity to empires.

Today, the major producing countries that cater the world demand consist of Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia. The top producing country is prominently dominated by Vietnam but if you are looking for the best in quality, look for Malaysian pepper or better known worldwide as Sarawak Pepper.

XFarming will published articles on the agronomic and commercial aspect in planting and commercialising pepper based product. The open publications are intended for farmers reference, agriculture entrepreneur, policy maker, academician and generalist from the Malaysia point of view. Source of information are obtained through field observations, market data mining and local agriculture assistance bodies.

All information provided as is and we take no responsibility on the loss of both tangible and non-tangible items as result from the use of these information as mentioned in our TOU.

Scope & Documentation (Articles) Usage

All information disseminated in this website ( regarding pepper (Piper Nigrum L.) is based on Cultivation & Production Guides of Black & White Pepper written & published by myself (document to be published in this website soon).

All the articles cover basic in cultivation and agriculture practices in the production of pepper in Sarawak. 'Pepper' in all of the articles will hence referred to Piper Nigrum L., a parenial herb. The end products (black & white pepper) produced using the displayed methods of production  cannot be considered as organically produced pepper and from technical perspective, it's an intensive monoculture agriculture practice.

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