Why should we produce our own bean sprout

April 23, 2018 167 0

In my recent visit to other states in Malaysia, I was so amazed by the intense interest brought up by those I talked/shared about my current project of producing a free manual on producing bean sprout or bean sprouting (even some labeled me with nasty words, but we’ll skip on that). Here in Asia, it's generally known as Tauge.

As a graduate in agriculture school and been working on my own farm before, there’s nothing that can replace the joy and satisfaction which come after you harvest your own produce. Yay, eating your own vege with the confidence that there’s nothing to much of worries about because you cultivate it yourself. It’s very different now that every time I went to mall stocking up my fridge, I keep on asking myself whether the vege has been PROPERLY cultivate or not? Who know how much insecticides and pesticides still left in the vege before it end up in the mall?

Come think about that, we can only sigh since there’s not much alternative for us. But hey, some of the vege can be cultivated or produced by your own without much manning or effort. You’re right, one of them is our tauge or bean sprout!

It took me 2 months to scour every journals, books, websites and filtering the necessary information. Then another 2 months to identifying resources and suppliers, making order and tweaking the setup of the production system. Finally another 2 months to publish my own ‘Bean Sprout Cultivation Manual’. Yup, half a year works of my extra time at home and now I'm splitting the manual into series on articles for your reference. The articles will be available in the Agronomy section (look for the 'Beansprout' category folder to browse all the articles).

If you asked me – is it worth your time? Yup, I’ve been having abundance supply of fresh, no-chemical added and crispy bean sprout just from my store room (I put my growing chamber in the store room). So, how about you?

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